The newly released RZDCX DICOM SDK adds conversion of video streams to encapsulated DICOM Image format. There’s a growing demand for MPEG to DICOM conversion in order to store video streams in PACS. New modalities like IVUS and new XA’s produce MPEGS instead of multi-frame JPEG’s.

The toolkit supports encapsulating and extracting MPEG streams from/to DICOM files. The new command, SetVideoStream was added to the DCXOBJ class. A detailed post discussing video in DICOM including code examples will be published soon in the DICOM Is Easy blog. The new toolkit is already available for download from our DICOM Software Download Page.

In addition to the DICOM to MPEG feature, this release allows accessing data elements in DICOM files that were not loaded perfectly due to non-standard serialization by their creator, such as for example tags that are not sorted properly.

More details about this release can be found in the release notes.