Usually PC’s don’t come with a built in DICOM Viewer. But, if you read this then you probably need one.

DICOMIZER’s Free DICOM Viewer is a simple and lightweight DICOM software. it’s user-friendly, and ready for unlimited use at all times.

This DICOM software is capable of opening most files saved according to the DICOM standard, received from Imaging Modalitys or converted to the DICOM Standard e.g. by HRZ’s DICOMIZER. If you add annotations to your image and then convert the file, the free DICOMIZER will show them as well as all the patient details.

We are happy to offer a Free DICOM Viewer and provide You with a quick and easy way to view DICOM images. You may be interested in our DICOMIZER full version DICOM converter, the ultimate solution for healthcare personnel, that will help you make the most out of your PACS. Make sure you try it!

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