About H.R.Z.

H.R.Z. Software Services LTD‘s PACS software, Healthcare IT Middleware and SDK products are well recognized by leading Medical Device vendors for their proven reliability and ease of integration.
We help companies and organizations worldwide to meet their Medical Imaging and Healthcare IT goals. We strive for excellence in software design and customer service.

Our Team

Roni‘s Medical Imaging career started at the year 2000 when he joined then pioneering web based PACS startup RTI. When GE acquired RTI, Roni turned into freelance DICOM consulting that led him to establishing HRZ at 2013, which he heads since. Roni holds a B.Sc in materials science and a BA in physics from the Technion Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa.

Roni Zaharia, Software Developer & CEO

Bar Eshkol

Bar studied Electrical Engineering in Tel-Aviv University before joining HRZ in 2019.

Bar Eshkol, Software Developer