On-Premise/Cloud DICOM® Modality Worklist Server

The DICOM Modality Worklist Service is a fundamental part of the clinical imaging workflow. Modern Imaging Modalities use DICOM protocol to comunnicate with the department scheduler (AKA RIS) and receive the patient and procedure information thus enabling a true, digital, paperless workflow.

Use the Modality Worklist manager built in H.R.Z’s ZiKiT™ to connect Imaging Modalities to Healthcare Information Systems quickly and cost effectively.

H.R.Z. Worklist Manager Diagram

HL7 HIS/EMR integration with DICOM Modality Worklist Manager


Connect Modalities to Information Systems

When you connect Modalities to information systems, you eliminate typos and inefficient clinic work. With Worklist Manager the connection is fast and easy.

High Compatibility and Versatility – Using the Dynamic Worklist Query

Work with different vendors. With Modality Worklist Manager, the data attributes of the worklist query, as well as the result, can be easily modified, simply by adding elements to the MWL views that the query is built on. No changes in the server’s code required! Private tags, sequences, anything can be added both as matching and as result attributes.

Multiple concurrent associations

We don’t limit concurrent associations or configured AE titles or anything like that.

Minimal CPU and resources consumption

MWL require very little system resources, so you can install it on any virtual machine and various simple hardware. It will not slow down even the simplest PC.

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