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Find all the information about DICOM, learn DICOM terminology such as “association”, “C-GET”, “MPPS”, “SCM”, and much more.
Read, comprehend, and be prepared to use the DICOM jargon when the occasion calls for it.


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A network session between two DICOM Application. An association is a two phases process. The first phase is the negotiation where the context of the session is negotiated and the second phase is the actual [...]


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A DIMSE Command that performs a “Query” similar to SQL “SELECT” statement. C-FIND is part of the Q/R Service together with C-MOVE and C-GET. C-FIND is also used in the MWL Service.


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Clinical Document Architecture. CDA, is part of HL7 Version 3 and is a document markup standard that specifies the structure and semantics of clinical documents for the purpose of exchange between healthcare providers and patients. [...]


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Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine. DICOM is a standard that specify image and document format, encoding, network protocol, and data model for use by medical imaging applications.


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DICOM File: A computer file on a digital storage device that is structured according to the specification of the DICOM Standard. A DICOM file stores the information of one DICOM Instance (or Object). [...]

DICOM Object

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An ordered set of DICOM Data Elements that define some real life object e.g. Image. AKA DICOM Instance. Objects may be stored in files or transferred via network. According to the standard, A DICOM [...]

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