DSRSVC – Highly optimized, powerful, and scaleable DICOM Server

DSRSVC is an Open Architecture DICOM® Server for Microsoft Windows operations systems. Its design proved itself over and over again as a robust and versatile solution, that can be used in various forms in many successful products.

Our customers use DSRSVC to quickly design and deploy very large DICOM projects. DSRSVC scales seamlessly from small footprint DICOM router (for example in image sharing projects) up to a DICOM hub and as a data center PACS serving hundreds of remote clients.

DSRSVC is part of H.R.Z. ZiKiT Healthcare Integration Engine.

DICOM Server SQL Database Interfaces

The DICOM Server Database Plugin dynamically connects the DICOM network commands and datasets to a relational database engine thus transforming DSRSVC into a highly scaleable PACS implementation. Stored files are automatically cataloged and their content is instantly available for DICOM Query/Retrieve commands.

The database structure is open for modifications and using our unique dynamic query mapping mechanism any DICOM tag can be dynamically mapped for query matching.

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