A lot of you have been waiting for DICOMIZER’s DICOM conformance statement, so here it is, ready for you to download»

What is a DICOM Conformance Statement?

A DICOM conformance statement (DCS) describes the DICOM capabilities of a product. Its purpose is to display the product’s DICOM related features in a way that customers could determine if it suits to their needs. After purchasing, a Conformance Statement could be useful when coming to understand errors and malfunctions.

Composing the conformance statement is an essential part of developing a product that conforms to the DICOM standard, yet it takes time, effort, some experience and profound knowledge of your product. If you’re using H.R.Z.’s RZDCX toolkit, we offer professional services to help you complete this task. Feel free to contact us at info@roniza.com

Do you Need a DICOM Conformance Statement?

Still not sure if you need this at all? Here’s a simplification on the “DICOM is easy” blog


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