With the high level API of RZDCX DICOM .Net Library sending DICOM Files to a PACS is just one line of code. Here’s how you do it:

// String output
that will hold the paths of files that sent and failed (if any)
string succeededFilesList = “”;
string failedFilesList = “”;
// Create the
requester object
DCXREQ req = new DCXREQ();
// Send the files to the remote ae and recieve
// succeeded files list and the failed files list
req.Send(“MY-AE-TITLE”, // MY AE Title
         “PACS-AE-TITLE”// PACS AE Title
         “″// PACS IP Address
         104, // The DICOM Port of the PACs
         @”C:\dicomfile1.dcm;C:\dicomfile2.dcm”// files to send (2 files)
         out succeededFilesList, // will hold the files that were sent
         out failedFilesList); // will hold the files that failed (if any)