H.R.Z. presentation on Encounter Based Imaging Workflow (EBIW) at IsraPACS 2019.

Dear Partners and Customers,

H.R.Z. presentation during the last IsraPACS congress focused on realizing Encounter Management Information Systems (EMIS).

Organized by Mr. Diego Gicovate, IsraPACS is more than a congress but also the major annual meeting opportunity for the Israeli PACS stakeholders community.

Managing personal healthcare information (PHI) is about correctly linking between medical procedures and patients.

Failing to do so results in unnecessary repetition of procedures and waste of valuable resources.

Scheduled Workflow (SWF) is widely implemented. One of the difficulties when realizing EBIW is the absence of the Order (ORM) and schedule (SIW) transactions that are required in order to properly complete scheduled workflow procedures but are missing when the procedure is initiated ad hoc.

An EMIS solution should close the gap by filling in the missing information for the device and for the EMR.

Roni Zaharia – CEO

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