Internal Information System with HL7 Support

H.R.Z. Integration of HL7 communication protocol into Medical Devices.

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In our last email, we reviewed the IHE Encounter Base Imaging Workflow (EBIW) integration profile and the need for an Enterprise level Encounter Base Information System (EMIS) that can efficiently integrate the organization Information systems and medical devices from various vendors.

Today, Medical Devices are expected to seamlessly integrate with the EMR – Electronic medical records, using the HL7 standard just like Imaging Modalities integrate with the PACS/VNA using DICOM.

At the minimum, a modern medical device should support the following services: PDQ – Patient Demographics Query, to identify the patient and get from the EMR the patient demographic and, ORU – Results Management, to send to the EMR the procedure results and reports.

The question that you, as a medical device vendor, need to ask is: “Should every device support HL7 internally or do I have to develop and supply an information system that will connect my devices to the EMR?”

External Information System with HL7 Support

There are pros and cons to each of these approaches, some of them were already discussed in the EMIS white paper.

Choosing HL7Kit as your integration solution gives you distinct advantage in both cases. Its natural scalability enables the kit to function optimally on a thin windows tablet (using small embedded SQLite database) just as well as on a data center server (using MS SQL database).

No matter which of these approaches you choose, HL7Kit 2018 can do the job for you.

In both cases, the kit’s built-in flexibility will empower your field engineers to set up HL7 and DICOM interfaces for each customer, adjust the parameters to fit the specific site configuration and eliminate the need to change your software for each and every installation.

To read about our HL7 Integration Solution please visit our HL7Kit 2018 Product Site

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