H.R.Z. Values and Benefits

Dear Partners and Customers,

In this issue I would like to present the benefits of our products and services.

For Medical Imaging Devices Vendors

Adding DICOM support has never been easier. Using H.R.Z. MODALIZER Source Code package and our DICOM SDK you can add DICOM integration to your medical device fast, easy and worry free.

  • Time to market – Our customers usually finalize the process within few weeks.
  • We provide full support and consultancy during the implementation phase.
  • DICOM Conformance Statement – We will provide you with a template and fill it with you.
  • Training and Knowledge base – We offer training and education plans for developer and field engineers to make sure that You are ready to meet your customers.
  • Post implementation support – Our support plan includes a clear detailed SLA.
  • Availability, we are here for you – Any questions you may have by email, support portal or phone.

The advantage of using RZDCX is the simplicity and understanding of the API. It enabled us to add DICOM to our product in just three weeks

David Rainis, Orpheus Medical.

For Medical Imaging and Healthcare IT Customers

We offer to our partners and customers:


  • Converts images, documents and video streams to DICOM and import them to the PACS.
  • Workflow integration – Modality Worklist and MPPS.
  • Reporting tool.
  • Local archive.
  • Query/Retrieve – PACS searching.

We are running two diagnostic imaging clinics, and at each site our xray, ultrasound, BMD and mammography technologists use DICOMIZER to scan documentation (worksheets, questionnaires etc) straight to PACS.

Bernie Charlton, M.Sc., MBA Business Development, Lighthouse Medical Imaging.

HL7Kit 2018 – Healthcare IT Server Application Framework

DICOM Services

  • Archive (PACS) – Storage SCP, Query/Retrieve SCP
  • Workflow – Modality Worklist SCP (DMWL/MWL), Modality Performed Procedure Step SCP (MPPS)

HL7 Services – For HIS/EMR integration

  • HL7 Message Broker
  • Send and receive HL7 Messages
  • Drag & Drop Dynamic Mapping Rules and protocol definitions
  • HL7v2, HL7v2XML

Our hospital is one of the small hospitals in our country, but with limited IT resources we got a system up and running which is ahead of most of the hospitals, if not all.

Jeroen Verbruggen, Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital.

 For additional information, please feel free to contact me directly.

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David Messer

VP Sales and Marketing
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