DICOMIZER 4.1.0 is officially released today.

This release includes two important improvements: multiple report templates and custom actions.

The report templates, added in DICOMIZER 4.0, is a great way to automate the process of report composing by automatically filling in Patient and Case attributes such as Patient Name, Patient ID, Accession Number and other attributes from the Modality Worklist, or from DICOM Query/Retrieve, or directly from values keyed in to DICOMIZER’s new patient screen. Now you can have multiple templates to fit different case types.

The second new feature in this release is custom actions. This feature is a bit technical but extremely powerful. Custom actions provides desktop integration by adding actions to the context menu in Modality Worklist or Query/Retrieve screens.

The custom action can be any executable or script like batch files, or simply URL’s. The same placeholders mechanism used for report templates is used here.

For example, putting http://localhost:8080/?AccessionNumber=$AccessionNumber$ in the command value will start a browser and pass the accession number of the currently active case as parameter. Similarly, you can use $AccessionNumber$ inside a batch file and it will be replaced. For example, in a batch file like this:

start StartPacs.exe -pid $PatientID$ -l Maximized

$PatientID$ will be replaced by the case patient ID and the command will be launched.

You can add many custom actions and decide if to use parameters substitutions or not.

For more details check the release notes.

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