DICOMIZER is a powerful DICOM converter with an impressive set of features, designed to provide healthcare imaging personnel with a holistic solution for clinic work. Send and Receive DICOM files using the DICOM Network Protocol, generate reports, capture images and add annotations, convert Images, PDF Document and Videos to DICOM and send them to the PACS.
Troubleshoot connectivity issues and display DICOM files content. 

What’s new in DICOMIZER 5.2?

Saving distance measurements as GSPS

After measuring distance, DICOMIZER saves the measurements as DICOM Grayscale Softcopy Presentation States Object.

If you choose to close DICOMIZER without converting, some settings pop-up will be displayed, allowing you to change settings, save and send to PACS.

More video capturing capabilities

DICOMIZER 5.2 can capture video from supported cameras like the built or external WebCam, endoscopes or other video devices. The video stream is converted to DICOM using MPEG-2 encoding.

Free DICOM Viewer

Need to keep it simple? Download the Free DICOM Viewer. No limitations, just you and your DICOM viewer forever.

The  multi-modality DICOM viewer is equipped with distance measurement tools for CT, X-Ray and Ultrasound images (US Regions).

For more information, see release notes»