Read more about the most up-to-date version of DICOMIZER here.

After almost a year since the release of DICOMIZER 3.0, today we finally release DICOMIZER 4.0!

Behind the completely new graphic design we’ve streamlined the acquisition process with new features for imaging and reporting.

The new Formatted Report auto-completes patient and study parameters into a new RTF document opened in your favorite document editor. After completing the report save the document and PDF in the case folder to attach it to the study.

Right click on a row in the Modality Worklist or the Query/Retrieve screens to copy the case info to clipboard.

With DICOMIZER 4.0 you can easily attach scanned documents and reports to existing cases. Use the Q/R search to get the case and then right click and select “Add Image/Report as new series”.

For those of you that are not administrators on their computer you may find the “No Installer” Archive useful. You can run this version without installation. Simply start DICOMIZER.exe from this no-installer zip file.