Organized by Mr.  Diego Gicovate, DG Consulting, IsraPACS is more than a Congress but also the major annual meeting opportunity for the Israeli PACS community.

With a growing number of healthcare IT companies in the region and important investment of the major healthcare IT players, EMEA and Israel is a pole for innovation and start-up companies.

In the event H.R.Z. CEO, Roni Zaharia, presented H.R.Z. technical review and related products for “Encounter Based Management Systems”.

Roni Zaharia

Roni in IsraPACS2019

David Messer

David at IsraPACS 2019 -W

When managing personal healthcare information  it is of utmost importance to ensure correct linking of performed medical examinations results from various sources and patients. Failure to comply with digital workflow procedures necessarily impairs the ability to retrieve information when needed, and may result in unnecessary repetition of procedure and waste of valuable computing and human resources.

The solutions can be roughly divided into two phases: the acquisition phase on the device itself when performing the procedures, acquiring measurements and taking images, and in the information systems when archiving and processing the data. Intelligent selection of appropriate standards enables better and successful integration.

Two common workflows are considered, depending on the type of medical examination performed and the work processes of the organization. Both Pre-Order based workflow and direct online access to the patient’s index (‘OrderLess ʼ) workflow requires proper interface construction based on well known standards to reduce expensive and complex quality control processes.