FDA Class I Registration of H.R.Z. MODALIZER Medical Imaging Device Software

Quality is a major concern for everyone in the Medical Imaging Device market.

At H.R.Z. we are fully committed to the quality of our software products.

In order to improve our products quality we have recently implemented a Quality Management System (QMS) according to the FDA medical device Quality Control System 21CFR820 requirements and registered MODALIZER as FDA Class I Medical Device Software.

Our goal is to provide the best software components that meets the quality requirements according to the standards expected from You.

H.R.Z MODALIZER products Family


FDA Class I registered, standalone software for integration with Medical Imaging Technology products. Use MODALIZER to easily add DICOM connectivity to your Medical Imaging Device by simple configuration. Easy skin and logo customization (white label). No programming is required. Read more about MODALIZER.


Off the shelf product based on MODALIZER. MODALIZER+ is a complete solution for patient encounter documentation and point of care imaging. It adds capture capabilities using TWAIN/WIA interface and automatically connects to supporting cameras and scanners.

Similar to MODALIZER but with more advanced features at lower price, MODALIZER+ is the DICOM Expert Tool preferred by many PACS Administrators and Medical Imaging Experts. MODALIZER+ features Multi Modality DICOM viewer,  Reporting tools with DICOM-SR, personally designed DICOM Encapsulated PDF reports and many more useful capabilities. Check online for the full specifications of MODALIZER+.

MODALIZER Source Code Package

MODALIZER Source Code Package Shortens your development time. This package includes the source code of MODALIZER and MODALIZER+.

When purchasing the source code, we will help you to integrate the DICOM services into your product, provide you with introduction to DICOM and work with you throughout the project until your Medical Device is ready to ship. We will also provide you with a “DICOM Conformance Statement” template and work with you to fill it correctly. Read more about MODALIZER Source Code Package.