A new release of RZDCX is now available for download.

The new release addresses couple of issues and adds new functionality.

Please read the release notes for details.

One change that is visible when rendering images is the use of VOI LUT (Values of Interest Lookup Table).

The VOI LUT functionality is similar to the WC/WW VOI transformation but while WC/WW apply linear mapping with cutoff values for black and the VOI LUT can be used to enhance contrast using a non-linear mapping. The mapping is done using a table where the pixel value in the Pixel Data element is an index to the mapping table that holds the display value.

The new RZDCX apply the VOI LUT by default if present in the DICOM Image. Sometimes a DICOM Image can have more then one table. The VOI_LUT property of DCXIMG can be used to select the active table. Use the VOILookupTables property to get a string Array of all the tables in the DICOM Image.

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