HL7Kit is a versatile interface engine and interface design tool for HL7 messaging.

Spring of 2016 was a great opportunity to release a new version of this cost-effective off-the-shelf product, a version we worked on for almost a year.
We added new features, improved existing features and fixed some cosmetic bugs.

So, What’s new?

 MySQL Support

MySQL support gives HL7Kit more capabilities than ever before. HL7Kit’s flexibility allows you to work with the different types of databases without changing anything else. The mapping rules, the protocol definitions, and all other configuration work just the same.
Stay tuned for support in more Database types in the future.

V2.XML HL7 Messages Support

V2.XML is a relatively new extension of the HL7 standard that allows a simple XML representation for HL7 v2.x messages. The V2.XML is in a way a step back from the extremely complicated HL7 V3 documents that combines the simplicity of version 2.x with modern data XML representation.

HL7Kit offers full support for V2.XML including transformation from the standard pipe (|) notation to the XML notation and back.

Changes in HL7Kit Engine

We changed the very engine inside our product, from a native engine to a C# engine. The prerequisites for VS runtime libraries are gone. The new implementation includes many improvements and fixes.