MODALIZER Source Code Package and DevPACK

MODALIZER Source Code Package Shortens your development time. This code base is used in H.R.Z. MODALIZER+ and MODALIZER products.
When purchasing the source code, we will help you integrate the DICOM services into your product, provide you with introduction to DICOM and work with you throughout the project until your product is ready to ship. We will also provide you with a “DICOM conformance statement” template and work with you to fill it correctly.

Together with the MODALIZER Source Code Package we offer H.R.Z. DevPack – our vendor support plan.

H.R.Z. DevPack provides the following benefits:

  • Free development license of H.R.Z. products for internal use.
  • MODALIZER Source Code Package annual support covered within the DevPack.
  • DevPack includes 100 redistributable RZDCX-B per renewal year.
  • The DevPack program covers your entire customer install base over the next years.
  • When purchasing MODALIZER source code, DevPack fees will be charged starting from the second year of our contract.

Optional services:

  • DICOM consultation to help you to define the best services to integrate according to our experience.
  • DICOM programming services to offload the DICOM software integration from your team.
  • DICOM training. This training is for your development team as well as field engineers to provide better support to your customers.

MODALIZER Source code package allows using H.R.Z. C# code in your products. Customer may not distribute the MODALIZER Source Code and is allowed to use it for the sole purpose of developing the customer application that is based on the MODALIZER Source Code or parts of it.
H.R.Z. DevPACK provides customers with development licenses for H.R.Z. products (HL7Kit, RZDCX and DICOMIZER). Development licenses are easier to install and allows easy testing and development, as they do not require activation.



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