What is DIHOFA?

DIHOFA Comes in handy when you receive DICOM files from different sources, like CD’s or using non-DICOM transport means, and want to import them to your PACS using the DICOM Storage Service.
The idea behind this small utility is that the best way to import DICOM files into a PACS is by sending them using the DICOM Storage service.
When you receive DICOM files by another mean, DIHOFA allows you to take the files into the PACS the standard way.

In H.R.Z. we’re using DIHOFA in many integration projects where DICOM files are received not directly to a DICOM Listener but rather in some non-standard way. In one project, we get them uploaded from a secure file sharing application. In another, they are copied from CD’s by a script. In all these cases, DIHOFA proves itself useful.

This is what the workflow looks like:

HRZ DIHOFA - DICOM Hot Folder Application

Possibly the most important feature of DIHOFA is its logging

DIHOFA logs everything into a windows event viewer log file. We found out that event viewer log files are the best logging mechanism for our projects because we can set events on them to monitor and act upon them.

What’s in the box:

DIHOFA.exe is a small utility application that uses RZDCX for the DICOM stuff, i.e. reading the DICOM files and sending them using the C-STORE DICOM Command.
You can configure DIHOFA.exe to run as a scheduled task to monitor a folder. You can configure as many such tasks to monitor many folders. You can also put many copies of DIHOFA each with its own configuration file, for example if you want to monitor many folders or send to different applications.
DIHOFA.exe.config is DIHOFA’s configuration file. It’s pretty much self explanatory. It has a few entries like the folder to scan, and the DICOM destination to send to.
Readme.txt explains it all in a more detailed way.
RZDCX.DLL is our DICOM library that DIHOFA uses for the DICOM implementation.
Licensing: DIHOFA requires RZDCX license.
Source Code: DIHOFA Source Code is available online.

DIHOFA’s advantages

  • Automate the import of DICOM files from external sources
  • Detailed log in the system event viewer

Who should use DIHOFA?

IT Managers > Integrate DIHOFA for your clinic’s Doctors and healthcare personnel
Programmers > Use the source code and implement it in your product.
Check out RZDCX DICOM SDK as well, to find much more ready to use DICOM tools to shorten your development process.

How to work with a Hot Folder Application?

The nice thing about DIHOFA, is that it takes care of itself. After configuring it, you do not have to operate it, or do anything, really. It’s all automated.