DIHOFA – DICOM Hot Folder Application

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DICOM is our expertise. In this issue I brings you an important information on our product DIHOFA, a lightweight application that smartly imports DICOM files to the PACS.

DIHOFA – DICOM Hot Folder Application comes in handy when you receive DICOM files from different sources, like CD’s or using non-DICOM transport means, and want to import them to your PACS using DICOM Storage Service.

In H.R.Z. we’re using DIHOFA in many integration projects where DICOM files are received not directly to a DICOM Listener but rather in some non-standard way. In one project, we get them uploaded from a secure file sharing application. In another, they are copied from CD’s by a script. In all these cases, DIHOFA proves itself useful.

Another common practice is to use RZDCX in Power-Shell scripts. See an example in this post: Power-Shell DICOM Scripting.

DIHOFA workflow

HRZ DIHOFA - DICOM Hot Folder Application

DIHOFA’s advantages

  • Automate the import of DICOM files from external sources
  • Detailed log in the system event viewer

Who should use DIHOFA?

IT Managers and PACS Administrators – Integrate DIHOFA for your clinic’s Doctors and healthcare personnel.

Programmers – Use the source code and implement it in your product.

Activation and licensing

DIHOFA is based on RZDCX DICOM SDK. You can download H.R.Z. DIHOFA for evaluation and activate it by purchasing RZDCX license.

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